Why should I subscribe to Shift*Academy?

Shift*Academy is designed for busy senior and emerging leaders and digital practitioners who want to make sense of AI, get ahead in digital transformation, and understand technology trends that impact their role, their areas of responsibility, and their teams. By subscribing to Shift*Academy, you’re unlocking a world of exclusive benefits and premium content.

Here's what you can expect:

Free Subscription:

  • Bi-weekly intelligence briefing on enterprise AI and other emerging tech that impacts the workplace, but from a buy-side perspective

Premium Subscription:

All of the above, plus:

  • Monthly guides, such as implementation recipes, playbooks and capability maps, to support cross-functional initiatives

  • Hype-free feed of need-to-know links and articles curated and summarised daily by our research team

  • Monthly podcasts and bite-size videos from our expert community covering key AI and digital change topics

  • Exclusive community features, such as discussions and live chat events to make sense of all the changes coming your way

Elite subscription:

All of the above, plus:

  • Access our complete leadership learning collections

  • 1 hour per month of customised coaching and advisory sessions with our experts, to tackle your unique challenges and opportunities

Who is Shift*Base?

Shift*Base is the company behind Shift*Academy, and the sister company to the established digital transformation consultancy, Post*Shift.

We are a digital capability accelerator, which means we help organisations develop all aspects of their:

  • People, talent and hybrid work structures

  • Digitisation, automation and adoption of new ways of working

  • Digital leadership, distributed leadership and managing change

  • Digital transformation, platform and business model innovation

We are a team of experienced enterprise digital practitioners with deep expertise in leadership development and implementing digital organisational change and new leadership methods in modern companies and governments.

We passionately believe that business can be better when it is more human and connected, and we believe that this process of change driven by digital technology has only just begun.

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Your digital leadership learning companion to help make sense of AI and emerging technologies, with practical guidance and techniques for implementation.


Interested in the future of digital firms and institutions
An experienced social business professional working to make a positive difference in the real world by improving how businesses are run in the Information Age.
Consultant at Post*Shift. With more than a decade of operations experience in banking and retail, I excel in driving digital transformation, enhancing customer journeys, and building agile teams.
Exploring the crossroads of digital transformation & emerging technologies in large organisations at Post*Shift & Shift*Base.
Enthusiastically say "yes, but..." to most arguments, as I do not think a single solution exists that works for most approaches or problems one faces in the 21st century. Digital Workplace Consultant @ P*S
Digital Workplace Consultant. Passionate about finding and keeping the human side in hybrid and virtual working environments.